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[audio]Week 52 - Tape Recorder - loopool / Jean-Paul Garnier
Week fifty two of the loopool field recordings project. Subject: Tape Recorder Please download and use as source material, get in touch and I will link your music to the page. At the end of the one year project a best of compilation will be released. http://www.loopool.org This is the final week of the loopool field recordings project, deadline for submissions for the compilation will be 4/1/12. Periodically I will release more field recordings but for now the project is coming to a close...
Keywords: loopool; field recordings; tape recorder
Downloads: 118
[audio]Chicago Sounds - 2006 - phonographic recordings - Brian Salmons
Group of phonographic recordings titled "Chicago Sounds" by Brian Salmons, 2006. All recordings made using hand-held cassette tape recorder. Also includes a few songs performed on acoustic guitar, including a cover/adaptation of Coldplay's "Green Eyes".
Keywords: phonography; cassette recorder; tape recorder
Downloads: 11
[audio]The Tape Recorder - Roy Trumbull
A grandfather explains to his grandson what a tape recorder was.
Keywords: tape recorder; magnetic tape; editing; Ampex 600
Downloads: 119
[movies]Hollydrift-Marisa Relay video - Mathyas Anderson
Video for the Hollydrift collage piece 'Marisa Relay'
Keywords: Tape recorder; winter; cedarburg; experimental video; hollydrift
Downloads: 63
[audio]Lord of master tape 2010 - hjalmar just and lasse jensen - Hjalmar just, Lasse Jensen
hjalmar just and lasse jensen making improvised songs on the tape recorder
Keywords: hjalmar just lasse jensen cheap tape recorder
Downloads: 31
[movies]Juuson Turha Video Diary - Panasonic RQ-331 [sub] - Paussinappula Foundation
This is my Panasonic RQ-331, not in perfect shape.
Keywords: panasonic; RQ-331; tape recorder; Paussinappula Foundation
Downloads: 40
[audio]Fred Mertz Pants-Screamin' For Jebus-MS14 - Eric Crowe / Muchausen Sound
A handheld tape recorder and an amusement park (Six Flags over GA) 1. '23 Scadoo 2. Join The Picnic (Where Humans Aren't Allowed) 3. Screamin' For Jebus 4. Tar-Nation, Thars A Snake In My Boot! 5. Loop de Loop Clankity Scream
Keywords: Fred Mertz Pants; Found Sound; Hand Held Tape Recorder
Downloads: 44
[texts]Practical Electronics 1965 October - F.E. Bennet ( ed.)
F.E. Bennet ( ed.) Practical Electronics 1965 October ( Volume 1 Number 12 ) George Newnes Ltd. 1965 Acrobat 7 Pdf 29.4 Mb. Scanned by artmisa using Canon DR2580C + flatbed option
Keywords: Electronics; Hobby; Scaler; Dwell Meter; Tape Recorder; Electronic Lock
Downloads: 1,061
[audio]WHEN YOU KICK A DOG, IT BARKS - radio picnic
KNIFELOOP in residence at Radio PICNIC www.zonoff.net/radio-picnic/ between 3 and january 10th 2013 www.lifeloop.org WHEN YOU KICK A DOG, IT BARKS while reel to reel tape loops and fm transmitter/receiver copulations compete in feeding signals back to their sources visitors to the installation become the unwitting conductors of the noise produced. with open mikes in the subterranean space recording everything to the tape loops and open circuit transmitters sensitive to every movement effecting t...
Keywords: impro; fm transmitter; tape recorder; open mic; knifeloop: radio picnic berlin
Downloads: 4
[texts]Commodore C64 Manual: Booty (1984)(Firebird Software)
Commodore C64 Manual: Booty (1984)(Firebird Software)
Keywords: booty; commodore; firebird; jim; recorder; row; joystick; key; hold; cabin; tape recorder
Downloads: 52
[texts]Practical Wireless 1971 December - W.N. Stevens ( ed.)
W.N. Stevens ( ed.) Practical Wireless 1971 December ( Volume 47 Number 8 ) George Newnes Ltd. 1971 Acrobat 7 Pdf 45.7 Mb. Scanned by artmisa using Canon DR2580C + flatbed option
Keywords: Radio; Hobby; Shortwave Radio; PSU; Tape Recorder; Multi-Band Receiver; Audio Mixer; Organ; Counter Timer
Downloads: 3,094
[texts]Commodore C64 Manual: Spiderman (1984)(Questprobe)
Commodore C64 Manual: Spiderman (1984)(Questprobe)
Keywords: lbs; adventure; computer; recorder; publicly; questprobe; base; cassette; disk; ringmaster; place cassette; press play; tape recorder
Downloads: 79
[texts]2. Acco Usage Of Information Adewoye
The study made use of IT’s among accountants in Ekiti state, determines how often Accountants used IT’s for their information needs and to ascertain the extent to which they were satisfied with the services provided by IT’s.The analyses were based on data from a questionnaire survey of the professional accountants in Ekiti state. The findings revealed that due to lack of awareness, majority of the accountants were yet to take advantage of the huge potential benefits that can be derived fro...
Keywords: Computer; Mobile Phone; Email; Television Set; Video Calling; Tape Recorder; Fax Machine Internet CDROM; Cameras and Information Technology (IT)
Downloads: 5
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: Monty Plays Monopoly (1982)(Ritam)[a]
TRS-80 Manual: Monty Plays Monopoly (1982)(Ritam)[a]
Keywords: press; ritam; player; program; dice; enter; pressing; response; keyboard; audio; tape recorder; pillow speaker; audio amplifier; computer opponent
Downloads: 25
[audio]NEW BENGAL SPICE-POWDER BEETLE-Side No.1 DAY - Peter Wallner
New Bengal Spice is a musical expression of Peter Wallner and his experiences with life. He captures sounds on a tape recorder around his home town of Santa Cruz and compiles and dubs on a cassette 4 and/or cassette 8 track. he is obsessed with tapes... (C) 2007 Outer9 productions
Keywords: Peter Wallner; new bengal spice; friends and Love; Cassette; tapes; 4-track; 8-track; tape recorder; Lo-Fi; Analog
Downloads: 209
[audio]HADES Rock Band Live Concert Recording circa 1971 Provo Park Berkeley - Jon Hammond
Recorded on Jon Hammond's personal SONY TC-366 Tape Recorder - Live Concert of HADES Rock Band at Provo Park - Berkeley CA Jon Hammond - Hammond organ Jim Thorsen - guitar vocals Dave Danza - drums Steve Wright - bass vocals Contact Mr. Hammond directly for further information or inquiries about this all original music: jonhammond@jonhammondband.com *Project in-progress: http://laterent.blogspot.com/2011/09/bringing-back-sony-tape-recorder-audio.html Bringing Back Sony Tape Recorder Audio Transf...
Keywords: Hades; Provo Park; Berkeley CA; El Cerrito; Jon Hammond; A-100 organ; TC-366; Sony Tape Recorder; Live Concert; Original Music
Downloads: 16
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: In-Memory Information System (1980)(Tandy)
TRS-80 Manual: In-Memory Information System (1980)(Tandy)
Keywords: press; program; data; tandy; shack; exit; software; screen; radio shack; pressing; tape recorder; loading instructions; tandy corporation; card length; software license; iii users
Downloads: 20
[texts]generalmanual 000024396
generalmanual 000024396
Keywords: batteries; playback; adaptor; recording; tape; unit; vor; rechargeable; batt; power; rechargeable batteries; power adaptor; tape speed; charge adaptor; tape recorder; set vor; batt lamps; wall outlet; rec lamp
Downloads: 7
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: Micro Movie (1979)(Tandy)
TRS-80 Manual: Micro Movie (1979)(Tandy)
Keywords: movie; press; cursor; program; frames; arrow; micro; frame; key; enter; arrow key; control frames; micro movie; tape recorder; press enter; movie program; control frame; radio shack; clear key
Downloads: 21
[texts]TRS-80 Manual: Shootout (1982)(Avalon Hill)
TRS-80 Manual: Shootout (1982)(Avalon Hill)
Keywords: program; energy; shootout; vessel; cassette; type; ship; federation; enter; apple; cassette tape; supply ship; patrol zone; tape recorder; color computer; pet program; ready prompt
Downloads: 31
[texts]generalmanual 000024790
generalmanual 000024790
Keywords: tape; playback; batteries; recording; unit; vor; batt; lamp; speed; cassette; tape speed; set vor; power adaptor; tape recorder; tape counter; fast forward
Downloads: 12
Keywords: fidelity; high; music; amplifier; jazz; speaker; audio; symphony; orchestra; high fidelity; frequency response; symphony orchestra; speaker system; tape recorder; remote control; power amplifier; chamber music; rca victor
Downloads: 17
Keywords: stereo; fidelity; sound; music; tape; recording; orchestra; musical; high fidelity; fidelity magazine; speaker system; rca victor; tone arm; tape recorder; good deal; stereo tape; frequency response
Downloads: 35
[texts]generalmanual 000024792
generalmanual 000024792
Keywords: recording; playback; batteries; tape; unit; vor; cassette; lamp; replace; reverse; tape speed; tape recorder; reverse side; set vor; power adaptor; start recording; rec lamp; batt lamps
Downloads: 11
Keywords: stereo; fidelity; speaker; sound; musical; music; high; symphony; high fidelity; fidelity magazine; rca victor; frequency response; speaker system; tape recorder; los angeles; speaker systems
Downloads: 30
Keywords: stereo; cps; fidelity; music; sound; symphony; stylus; high; high fidelity; fidelity magazine; rca victor; frequency response; tape recorder; tone control; elliptical stylus; ity magazine; harmonic distortion; front panel
Downloads: 39
Keywords: fidelity; music; records; high; rca; victor; amplifier; chopin; high fidelity; rca victor; speaker system; tape recorder; concert hall; los angeles; andante spianato; piano concerto
Downloads: 205
Keywords: stereo; fidelity; cps; music; high; sound; amplifier; musical; high fidelity; fidelity magazine; rca victor; speaker system; tape recorder; frequency response; power output; harmonic distortion; front panel; free copy
Downloads: 21
Keywords: stereo; fidelity; music; jazz; sound; records; high; recording; symphony; orchestra; high fidelity; rca victor; concert hall; tape recorder; frequency response; speaker system; years ago; symphony orchestra
Downloads: 236
[texts]Superman and Wonder Woman - The Computer Masters of Metropolis! (1982)(DC Comics - Radio Shack)(US)
Superman and Wonder Woman - The Computer Masters of Metropolis! (1982)(DC Comics - Radio Shack)(US)
Keywords: anp; computer; tandy; radio; computers; keyboard; luthor; cassette; usep; woulp; classroom packet; cassette tape; tape recorder; video monitor; comic book; computer whiz; tape player
Downloads: 313
Keywords: stereo; music; fidelity; musical; sound; high; amplifier; cps; high fidelity; fidelity magazine; tape recorder; speaker system; rca victor; frequency response; tape recorders; los angeles; years ago; stereo amplifier
Downloads: 31
Keywords: sound; audio; amplifier; fidelity; radio; record; recording; binaural; high fidelity; rca victor; radio supply; haydn society; tape recorder; high frequency; remote control; long playing; frequency response
Downloads: 49
[texts]Chandamama 1978-11
Chandamama 1978-11
Keywords: king; hanuman; krishna; deer; garuda; chowdhury; badal; princess; balarama; astrologer; young man; younger brother; young son; tape recorder; electrical impulses; caption contest
Downloads: 121
[texts]73 Magazine (December 1990)
73 Magazine December 1990 (#363) Behold the BackPacket! - Go take a hike with packet radio ...... NW6H 9 Upgrade Your HD-4040 - KISS your Heath HD-4040 and keep AX.25 too! ...... N2BLI 19 The VOX Plus HT Accessory - Enjoy base station performance -with your HT! ...... WA2EBY 24 Pack Your Seabag, "Sparks" - Do you want to be a ship's Radio Officer? ...... N0MM 35 Audio Powered Tape Recorder Controller - Add convenience to your hamshack ......KE0UV 54 Ten-Tee's Hercules II Model 420 - Turn your ri...
Keywords: radio; amateur; antenna; ham; audio; mhz; frequency; ihe; power; amateur radio; radio today; ham profiles; power supply; ham radio; feedback card; profiles ham; tape recorder
Downloads: 3,569
Keywords: stereo; debussy; music; fidelity; sound; symphony; orchestra; musical; high fidelity; fidelity magazine; rca victor; tone arm; deutsche grammophon; symphony orchestra; recorded sound; tape recorder
Downloads: 249
[audio]084DIYChurch_IwishIwaswhereIwaswhenIwishedIwashere - G.O:D
This is DIY Church s contribution to the Manchester International Festival for the the Burlington Fine Arts Club. A live mash up together with Monica Gunderson of radio shows & recording from London. With contributions by : DJ SHeize & litter gritter Chris Night tape recorder quartet Sound & Music the anonymous violins Vegan John Well Furnished Sculpture Der Warst
Keywords: DIYChurch; Radio23; Room111; Burlington Fine Art Club; Manchester International Festival; Monica Gunderson; Amsterdam; Hitch; poetry; DJ Sheize; Tape recorder quartet; Chris Knight; Tapes; Staubgold; Sound & Music; radio; ARt
Downloads: 29
[audio]Malice Radio Broadcast 007 (Part 3) - MaliceRadio.com - Malice Studios - Harrisburg, PA (USA)
DarkWave Radio Broadcast #7 (Part 3), with your hosts Rev. Malice, Cardinal Sin, Bishop, Mencius and The Shadow. Part 3 features a discussion on Podcast Legislation. As always, Malice Radio features original music and lots of comedy. Artists featured in this part are Das Gift, Tape Recorder Three, Craig Winston, Cigue, Drainage X, T.G.O. Nation, and Radium88.
Keywords: DarkWave Radio; Gothic Radio; Industrial Radio; Gothic Podcast; DarkWave Podcast; Industrial Podcast; Malice Radio; Reverend Malice; Cardinal Sin; Das Gift; Tape Recorder Three; Craig Winston; Cigue; Drainage X; T.G.O. Nation; Radium88
Downloads: 186
[audio]Jeremy's Smile Unfolds - Acoustic Demos from Tape #7
Kinda Alternative/Acoustic/Folk/Lo-Fi/Indie kinda stuff. The Influences include : John Frusciante, Sunny Day Real Estate, Bright Eyes, Dashboard Confessional, Death Cab For Cutie, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana etc... The first couple of songs were recorded sometime in mid March,and the Second lot took place on 17th May of 2009. These are SEMI-improvised,meaning the tune was made up on the spot and the lyrics were made up as I went along.A large theme for the May recordings is 'Paper',strangely.I ca...
Keywords: Semi improvised; demos; acoustic; on the spot; May 2009; March; paper; John Frusciante; Sunny Day Real Estate; Death Cab For Cutie; Smashing Pumpkins; Dashboard Confessional; experimental; boombox; tape recorder; tape #7
Downloads: 128
[texts]Apple Manual: HackerII-Operator'sManual
Apple Manual: HackerII-Operator'sManual
Keywords: mfsm; mru; vtr; manual; display; volume; pushbutton; monitor; control; tgs; mfsm volume; telemetry guidance; keypad control; video tape; status display; display indicates; tape recorder; operating procedures; monitor status; target site
Downloads: 14
[texts]tandbergData :: patents :: US4609959
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.tandbergData :: patents :: US4609959
Keywords: magnetic; worm; head; carrier; shaft; wheel; tape; device; plate; netic; magnetic head; head carrier; magnetic tape; worm wheel; bearing plate; tape recorder; netic head; housing frame; worm drive; screw drive
Downloads: 3
[texts]generalmanual 000024358
generalmanual 000024358
Keywords: microphone; pila; battery; microfono; pile; lithium; une; avec; caja; litio; lithium battery; battery box; tape recorder; toma para; lorsque vous; una grabadora; para microfono; microphone jack; microphone est; lithium sony
Downloads: 6
[texts]tandbergData :: patents :: US4622606
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.tandbergData :: patents :: US4622606
Keywords: magnetic; cassette; insertion; cover; head; tape; dust; position; channel; transducer; magnetic head; magnetic tape; dust cover; insertion channel; head carrier; tape transducer; transducer system; leaf spring; tape recorder; swivel arm
Downloads: 4
[texts]tandbergData :: patents :: US4636890
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.tandbergData :: patents :: US4636890
Keywords: magnetic; cassette; insertion; swivel; lever; cover; tape; pivoting; position; channel; magnetic head; magnetic tape; insertion channel; dust cover; swivel arm; head carrier; tape recorder; front side; final position; connecting rod
Downloads: 4
[texts]Ralph Dyck Digital Sequencer Owner's Manual
Ralph Dyck very generously scanned this user’s manual for version 2 of his home-brew sequencer. It’s surprising that such a formal document exists for a one-off machine, but perhaps it was intended for the Roland engineers to understand its workings. Unfortunately this sequencer no longer exists, but this manual offers a great insight into the design that evolved into the MC-8. It’s interesting to compare this manual with the official MC-8 manual.
Keywords: memory; pitch; clock; output; fsk; sequencer; tho; program; select; numbers; word counter; memory word; mode select; clock mode; tape recorder; sound output; output voltages; word bypass; unused word; set clock
Downloads: 58
[texts]BBC Research and Development Report Number 1972-38
R&D Report 1972-38 : Studio to cubicle insulation requirements with delayed monitoring T.W.J. Crompton This report describes experiments made to determine the minimum sound insulation required between a studio and its control cubicle when the sound in the cubicle has been delayed by a tape recorder having separate recording and playback heads. It is found that more insulation is required when a longer monitoring delay (corresponding to a slower tape speed) is introduced...
Keywords: sound; simulation; insulation; delayed; tape; deviation; studio; cubicle; confirmatory; experiment; sound insulation; department report; delayed sound; confirmatory experiment; tape speed; attenuation required; sound pressure; sound field; standard deviation; tape recorder
Downloads: 33
Keywords: fidelity; high; music; sound; amplifier; audio; recording; record; symphony; sonata; high fidelity; fidelity magazine; rca victor; frequency response; tape recorder; haydn society; good deal; symphony orchestra; control unit; aes aes
Downloads: 13
[texts]Hewlett-Packard Journal Vol. 18 No. 4 (1966-12)(Hewlett-Packard)
Hewlett-Packard Journal Vol. 18 No. 4 (1966-12)(Hewlett-Packard)
Keywords: frequency; swr; bias; coaxial; tape; reproduce; slotted; cavity; signal; voltage; magnetic tape; tape recorder; swr measurements; sweep oscillator; sliding load; residual swr; power meter; mechanical design; upper band; sweep rate
Downloads: 25
[texts]Texas Instruments Users' Newsletter (March 1982)

Keywords: module; texas; command; reading; phl; cassette; computer; foresman; grades; instruments; foresman speaking; disk memory; texas instruments; command module; retail price; reading fun; software packages; number phl; suggested retail; tape recorder
Downloads: 91
[texts]tandbergData :: patents :: US4679104
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.tandbergData :: patents :: US4679104
Keywords: magnetic; positioning; values; tracks; positional; desired; correction; tape; track; motor; magnetic tape; magnetic head; positional values; reference position; correction values; control unit; control signals; electric motor; tape recorder; standard values
Downloads: 4
[texts]ElectronicAge 1965 Autumn
ElectronicAge 1965 Autumn
Keywords: electronic; rca; nbc; autumn; leinsdorf; news; recording; sound; tion; tape; nbc news; sound waves; tape recorder; rca victor; boston symphony; tape recorders; solar system; recorder sales; wide variety; symphony orchestra
Downloads: 14
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